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Top 10 Easter Temptations 2018

Speaking of never being able to lose the baby weight: Easter eggs!

Ever since Christmas and New Years wrapped up; these sugary seducers have been twerking in front of me every time I enter a supermarket or service station.

As my daughter was born in January 2018, this early onset chocolate bonanza could not have come at a worse time.  You see, like many of us I am yet to submit to Kate Moss’ ethos of, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

So it is with great pleasure (better on your hips than mine) that I share my knowledge as a chocolate addict and announce the 2018 Top 10 Easter Temptations

1. Ferrero Eggs

Light. Crisp. Dangerous.  These gems also come in cocoa flavour as well as hazelnut; just in case you aren't sure of your preference.

If you think you will just buy two bags and tell yourself that you will gift the second bag to someone else, I guarantee you won't.  Ten eggs may sound like a lot but these favourites definitely have the Pringle effect. Once that bag went pop... there was no stop.

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2. Cadbury Mini Eggs

The biggest appeal of Easter chocolates is the idea that they will all be gone soon and we will have to wait 12 months to taste them again.  Definitely the rationale that gets me to buy these little pretties.

I also love how you can buy them in a tiny box so I can swig them back like mini m&ms in the car and hide the packaging easily so I don't have to feel guilty when someone asks if there are any left.

I've also seen someone use these Cadbury mini eggs to decorate the top of a cake and thus it was used as an Easter dish to bring along to a social gathering. Winner.

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3. Mars Malteaser Bunny

Mars knew they were onto a winner with this one as I saw at Christmas time they tried to recreate the same chocolate in the shape of Santa.  Of course I bought them too, but I was disappointed that they were not able to come up with a title as cute as the MaltEASTER bunny.

This treat is another one of those checkout impulse buys that leaves you harbouring only small pangs of remorse. Three bites tops.

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4. Pascall Pineapple Lump Marshmallow Egg

If anyone knows where I can buy these please do not hold back.  Sharing is caring and I imagine they taste exactly like a a gob full of pineapple lump.

I'm down to road test these if they are available in Australia but it looks like they might only be available to those in New Zealand.  Jealy.

5. Lindt Easter Bugs & Bees

Oh these are so cute.  Lindt chocolate is amazing first of all but the gorgeous little lady beetle, bee and bug wrapping makes these perfect to hide around the garden for the children to have a hunt over Easter weekend.  Or just to have in my handbag to scoff as I please.

The days of the good old Minty hunt may be long gone with these on the scene.  I have also seen them over at Myer in gorgeous little gift packs.  That is for those of you who can bare to share.

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6. Cadbury Turkish Delight Mini Eggs

For turkish delight lovers this little bag is a blessing.  Also given 50% of the population actually HATE turkish delight; should someone of the latter taste preference be gifted these, you are guaranteed that they won't care when you eat all their eggs.

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7. Cadbury Marshmallow Egg

When I asked my eldest daughter what her favourite type of Easter eggs were she smiled sweetly and whispered "marshmallow." So it would seem the apple hasn't fallen far from the cocoa tree.

Move over marshmallow bunny, there's a new gelatin Easter treat in town and its disguised as a packet of biscuits so you can sneak it into the trolley discretely on the weekly shop.  Mr Cadbury is in the lead it would seem.

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8. Candy Easter Eggs

I don't love these that much but the nostalgia gets them over the line.  I somehow recall that the ones I used to get from the Easter bunny had love heart candies inside with little messages.  Did I dream that? Either way.  Pretty yum and only available at Easter time.  FOMO come May.

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9. Cold Rock Easter Egg Cup

Only available at three specific Cold Rock Ice Creamery but what an awesome idea.  Why hasn't anyone come up with this idea sooner?

I also love that we can convince ourselves that eating this much chocolate and ice cream after dinner is now socially acceptable and not sheer gluttony.  Hoping that Cold Rock make these available at more of their locations next year though.

10. Bakers Delight Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

This is another temptation that tugs at our heart strings due to it's 'only for a limited time' teasing. As long as you can hold back on adding melted butter, get on board.

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