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The Urban Turban

What I love most about each racing season that unfolds is the risks that enthusiasts and milliners take pushing themselves beyond the boundaries of predictability.  A prime example of this is a hat that was re-invented as a front-running racewear millinery option over the 2015 Melbourne Cup Carnival by none other than renowned Victoria based milliner, Louise MacDonald.  All hail, the 'Urban Turban.'

As a Certificate IV in Millinery graduate myself I am aware that many qualified milliners are taught theory and practical lessons on how to construct a basic turban style hat.  In saying this though, it is the contemporary and unique adaptation that has crept into the FOTF spotlight and is as inspiring a trend as the 'percher' came to be a few years back.

The cherry on top for me is the number of racing style enthusiasts that are electing to experiment with this previously forgotten style of hat.

The biggest consideration for ladies is to ensure that the accompanied hairstyle is still polished and neat.  As you will see from my below favourites - this new racing style trend is yet to disappoint.  Congratulations to the below milliners on these beautiful pieces and to their wearers on executing this updated racing fashion style in 2016.   Here are my top picks:

Louise Macdonald Millinery
Image via www.millinery.com.au

Marilyn Van Den Berg Millinery
Image by RSN

Hatmaker Millinery.
Image by Kate Waterhouse

Sinner May Millinery
Image by RSN