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Get Clutched

There's a time and place for everything, including blatant self expression.  

With so many different forums for us to express ourselves through technology and social media, I feel as though the ability to send a direct message through our fashion choices is fleeting.  

Yes, you can push to identify your personality through your styling choices but I'm all for a more direct approach.  The statement clutch.

This little chestnut not only adds character to an otherwise simple and monochrome look, but for those who love to dabble in a Fashions on the Field (FOTF) stage, this accessory can also be a way to show the judges that stylish racewear isn't always about sticking to traditional standards of dress.

The other aspect I adore about the good ol' statement clutch is that most of the high street designs are made in limited numbers. This means that they are likely to keep some of their purchase value and be seen as even more of a statement as years go by.  Have I convinced you yet that the statement clutch is a winner?  

Here's a few faves to push you over the line:

Charlotte Olympia
Marry Me Clutch
via: Matches Fashion

Anya Hindmarch
Imperial Queues Likely textured-leather clutch
via: The Outnet

Edit Parker
Jean Gay Clutch
via: Shopbop

Olympia Le Tan
Little Miss Lucky Clutch
via: Net-a-Porter

Kate Spade New York
Adelina Clutch
via: ShopBop

Lulu Guinness
Rock On Pandora Clutch
via: Lulu Guinness

Karen Walker
Liberal, Miserable and Cynical 
via: ShopBop

Olympia Le-Tan
Everything I Do Makes Me book clutch
via: Matches Fashion